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III. Religious/Political Significance

Section III includes:

A. The Nature of Amun and the Mysteries of Jebel Barkal

B. The Jebel Barkal Pinnacle as Uraeus Goddess:  God’s Uraeus (“Eye of Re”); King’s Uraeus (“Eye of Horus”); the “Two Eyes of God;” and Manifestation of All Goddesses

C. Jebel Barkal as Manifestation of the Royal Crown

D. The Jebel Barkal Pinnacle as Uraeus God: Kamutef; Phallic Entity; and Manifestation of All Procreative and Fertility Gods

E. Jebel Barkal as Nubian “Heliopolis:” “Mansion of the Benben”

F. The Jebel Barkal Pinnacle as “Hidden” Royal Statue:  Osiris, Atum, and Royal Ka

G. Jebel Barkal in the Book of the Dead

H. Jebel Barkal and Luxor Temple

I. Jebel Barkal as True Destination of the Luxor Opet festival

J. Jebel Barkal and Egyptian Political History